AROS meeting

We're serious about what we do

  1. Organizational Level
    We can help you better understand your organization to help you make more informed decisions.
  2. Person Level
    Let us work with you to improve your selection and retention processes.
  3. Meta Level
    We can provide an in-depth view of your organization from multiple perspectives.
What We Do
Everything, you name it, we'll give it a shot
Okay, maybe not everything, but we offer a depth of expertise in a variety of organizational approaches from creating and implementing innovative metrics, to providing assistance with organizational issues in areas like leadership, motivation, and change. 
The Faculty
Steven Toaddy (top left), Tilman Sheets (top right), Frank Igou (bottom left), and Mitzi Desselles.
About Us
AROS is run by a group of talented graduate students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at Louisiana Tech University under the supervision of the program's faculty. Our clients run the gamet of public and private organizations, from global corporations to local businesses. Our primary goal is to find real-world learning experiences for our students in order to move them from the classroom to the boardroom.
Get the lowdown on current and former students in our Ph.D. program.
Please contact us if you would like more information.
Dr. Mitzi Desselles, AROS Coordinator
Phone: 318-257-2361

Dr. Tilman Sheets, PhD Program Coordinator
Phone: 318-257-3008